Improve eyesight naturally


Spinach is one of the most important vegetables for the health of your eyes and I should be in every salad you prepare. This vegetable with green leafs is full of beta-carotene and vitamin C, antioxidants and lutein which makes it extremely important for the health of your eyes. Lutein helps protect the eyes from oxidative stress, which means it works as a sunscreen for the eyes by absorbing light’s intensity. Kale chips is another rich source of this vitamin, you can also eat it without moderation.


Blueberry is another powerful nutritive element for the eyes. It also contains high levels of anthocyanins, just like blackcurrant, and this helps protecting the eyes from problems like cataract and eye conditions.


Garlic is also an ally to improve vision, it also contributes to reducing cholesterol, reinforcing the immune system and boosting blood flow.


Almonds such as cashew nuts and peanuts all contain omega 3 and are also know for helping reducing drying of the eyes and protect them from conditions related to aging. A daily handful of these in the middle of the morning will be enough to replenish on nutrients.


Avocados contain more lutein than any other fruit. Lutein improves eyesight by reducing cataract risk and other eye conditions, then again, you can add this to your menu with moderation because it is also rich in lipids.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate for desert is very good for your vision, it contains flavonoid which protects blood vessels in the eyes.

Iris Implants recommends these various food to preserve your eyes from various conditions and improve your vision.


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