High quality care

Implant-iris.com  proposes complete formulas for a  coloured iris implant, phakic implant or lasik. Our tariffs cover your stay at the hotel, at the clinic and any medical operation so that you don’t have to worry about any arrangements and just concentrate on your operation.  For more details and a free estimate, please do contact us.

BeNefit from Doctor menif’s experience

Dr  Menif  has perfect mastery of this operational technique.  He has an excellent reputation and an acknowledged know-how like other Tunisian surgeons.   To get to know our surgeon better, please consult the dedicated website.


In Tunisia, the exclusive partner of the American and world leader of the coloured artificial iris  implant design  Bright Ocular.  The implants are produced from  ophthalmological grade silicon which has been used safely in ophthalmology for several decades.  They are guaranteed for life  and are well tolerated by the human eye.  The patient can keep his implant for as long as he wants.