Tips for healthy eyes

The eyesight is precious, and preserving it as long as possible doesn’t require large efforts. A few habits and daily precautions can keep your eyes healthy.

Protect yourself against ultraviolet light

Exposure to sunrays without protection can cause premature cataract, damage to the retina (UV rays are a suspected risk factor for age related macular degeneration). Sunglasses have to filter UVA and UVB with CE norm. Prefer large sized glasses to small sized ones that doesn’t protect your sides. Beware of well-known brands forgeries that doesn’t protect from UV exposition, tinted glasses aren’t protecting from UV rays. Tinted glasses that doesn’t protect from UV rays are actually dangerous.

Working I front of the computer

It is essential to have the correct lighting when you work close to your screen. Working in front of the screen tires the eyes. You need regular breaks to watch in another direction (as far as possible) and then close/reopen your eyes. When you work in front of your screen, you blink less, and this blinking prevents dry eyes.


A diversified and balanced diet is essential. You need to favor fresh foods (fruits and vegetables), reduce your read meat intake and eat more fish. If you eat too much sugar and fat, blood vessels in the eye will be affected. Same thing for tobacco which increases risks of age related macular degeneration.

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