Nearsightedness during childhood


If myopia appears before the age of twelve has a tendency to get worse quickly. So it’s important to regularly check children’s sight since the number of nearsighted children is growing.

Children’s myopia is characterized by a length anomaly of the eye. The distance between the cornea and the retina is too important. Thus images that form in front of the retina, not on it, are blurry. The nearsighted person doesn’t see clearly from a distance, but sees clearly near objects. The development of a childhood’s myopia can be revealed by specific behaviors: the child will often get close to his sheet of paper when he’s drawing or writing, to the television when he’s watching it or squint in front of the board during class. A consultation with an ophthalmologist is in these cases necessary, even if the child is only 2 or 3 years old. A laser eye procedure in Tunisia can quickly fix myopia once the adult age is reached.

A family affair

Before the age of 12, heredity plays a major part in the appearance of myopia. In other words, a children is more likely to develop myopia if one of the parents also has it. If both parents are affected, the risk is multiplied by 3.This vision disorder can be more or less severe. It can range from moderate (-4 to -8 diopter) to severe when the vision deficiency is extremely strong (lower than -8 diopter). The eye grows too much and becomes very long. It can reach 30 to 32 millimeters whereas a normal eye is on average 22 millimeters long. It’s a lot since only a millimeter is enough to cause vision problems.


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