Pick your color

Implant d’Iris in Tunisia can change the color of your eyes thanks to BrightOcular’s colored iris implants. Implants d’Iris is BrightOcular’s exclusive distributor in Tunisia.
It’s always gratifying when we see big smiles on our patients’ faces when they discover their new eye color, that’s why we provide you with a wide variety of implant colors in order to satisfy your every wish.

Amber color

Lara Croft, Bella (from Twilight played by Kristen stewart) both have amber eyes that look magnificent.

Blue color

One of the rarest color found in the eyes and also most wanted. Clearly, blue eyes illuminate the face and they always look fantastic.
Blake Lively, Ryan Gosling, Marilyn Monroe, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus etc. What do they have in common? Blue eyes of course and this probably explains most of their attractiveness.
Be careful with blue eyes though, they represent a major change in the esthetic of your face so make sure you can live with this color by tying out blue lenses.

Grey color

This color is discreet, elegant ant not very common. Have you noticed it on Céline Dion or Pink? Claire Dames (from tv show Homeland) also has this eye color. Choose this color if you want to opt for classy attractiveness.

You’ll discover lots of other colors during your consultation with our expert Dr.Menif: Olive green, Deep blue, Ice grey, Cleat blue … see you soon !


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