Change your eye color ? Rapper TI’s wife has done it.

Ice grey is Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris’s new eye color. Business woman, famous for her participation in TLC’s hit song “no scrubs”, she wanted to change. That’s how she decided to change her iris color, during a trip in Tunisia, thanks to silicone iris implants.

She then posted the results of her surgery on her Instagram account where she mentioned BrightOcular wich is the FDA approved iris implant manufacturer. The member of the famous group explained how the procedure took place.


‘They cut a small hole in my eyes and then put the folded implant which unfolds when inserted. The silicone iris is then positioned in order to take the exact same place as the natural iris.’ Explained the artist. ‘The procedure is 5 minutes long per eye’. She woke up with a slightly blurred vision but she was fine a few hours later. ‘I now love my eyes’ says Tameka.

Her husband wasn’t on board from the start. Iggy Azalea’s producer asked his wife what she was doing at first. ‘He’s now cool with the whole thing as long as my eyes are healthy’.

The change eye color procedure is truly innovative and the results are often astonishing, Tameka is a living proof of it.


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