Make your makeup and your eye color match


If the eye are the reflection of the soul, how can you make them shine with makeup ?

If you spent a long day in front of the computer screen with tired look on your face, this is for you. You can make your eyes shine depending on your eye color.

Which procedures to choose to treat myopia?

Laser eye surgery (PRK) or Lasik? Implants? Identify which laser procedure is feasible depending on the severity of your myopia. Limitations and indications of myopia surgery can differ depending on the thickness of the cornea, the regularity of the cornea, size of the pupil, the associated astigmatism, the age of the patient, sport and professional activity…
Laser surgery for myopia is always performed with an excimer laser whether in Lasik (classic or femtosecond) or in surface laser procedure (PRK).

Myopia treatment with the excimer laser can be standard,

It only corrects myopia to be able to see without glasses. This was the goal of laser eye surgery 30 years ago, it is not enough nowadays.

Myopia treatment with the excimer laser can be optimized

Depending on the visual defect of each subject. A thorough examination of the patient’s eyes is the best way to avoid side effects and postoperative complications.

Lasik in Tunisia is about more than just seeing without glasses, it’s about vision quality. It is today patient’s main satisfaction factor. Without glasses, yes, but more importantly, precise, with contrast, clean, high definition, proper night vision…
Vision quality also means no side effects: halos, double vision, blurry vision, fluctuant vision, glares. It is possible to adapt each myopia surgery in order to improve vision quality and avoid those side effects. This only possible if the surgeon has a great experience with this type of procedures and has the required equipment at his disposal.

Before Lasik

lasik-tunisia-before-afterHow Lasik works

Lasik is a procedure that modifies the curvature of the cornea (which behaves like an optic lens) in order to flatten it (less powerful) with nearsighted patients, more bent (more powerful) with long-sighted patients and more spherical with astigmatic patients (since astigmatic patients have irregularities in the curvature of their cornea).

The procedure is performed in two stages. First, a thin flap of the cornea is created with the use of a femtosecond laser or a mechanical microkeratome. This flap, which is still attached to the eye, is lifted up to allow in the second stage of the procedure the laser to work on deep layers of the cornea. The amount of laser applied is programmed depending on the visual defect. The flap is then repositioned and the eye will heal without the need for sutures.

Refractive surgery 101


What is refractive surgery?

Surgical techniques using laser energy to treat myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia.

What do we know about this type of surgery?

Refractive surgery’s been used since 20 years. Results are excellent and an efficient pre-operative evaluation can lead to a successful procedure (patients’ satisfaction rate: 98%). More and more people are asking for this high end technology that is nowadays completely mastered by most practitioners not unlike iris implants.

Is refractive surgery efficient?

Studies reveal that almost 100% of the patients are satisfied with the results of their procedure and recommend it to their relatives. Techniques and technology used for those surgeries can deliver impressive results.

Are the results long-term?

Every case is different, but typically, if the patient’s vision has stabilized for at least a year, the results last a lifetime. It is always possible to adjust with a secondary procedure for those who need it (it is sometimes the case with patients with farsightedness).

Is refractive surgery popular?

It is developing into a standard treatment for vision problems. Nowadays:

  • In Europe: 1 200 000 Lasik procedure and 30 000 phakic implants (used to treat severe myopia) every year.
  • In the United States: 1 500 000 procedures every year.

Nowadays, more than 20 million patients worldwide underwent refractive surgery.

Is the procedure painful?

Anesthetic eye drops are applied to the patient’s eye, the procedure is therefore pain free. As the anesthetic wears off, it might feel like there’s something in your eye which is uncomfortable but the patient can’t scratch his eyes. This sensation will disappear 48 hours after the procedure.

Lasik surgery advantages


Glasses and contact lenses are just fine. That is where the problem lies because they are restricting and even dangerous in certain situation. Lasik can provide a perfect vision and free you from the limitations of those old devices.

Treat aniridia and its associated problems

Treat aniridia

Coloboma, cataract and glaucoma are associated with aniridia

Aniridia is a hereditary congenital disorder that can be associated with a few ocular diseases aside from the iris’s hypoplasia; that can be complete or partial. It can occur as an isolated condition or with a WAGR syndrome. Lens conditions range from cataract to coloboma and lens dislocation. Visual acuity is often diminished when a strabismus or nystagmus are associated with optic nerve hypoplasia.

Green light : the most dangerous kind

Laser pointers are classified in 4 categories depending on their power, thus their dangerousness. Only the two first categories are authorized for consumers in Europe. The Austrian’s pointer, made in china, was bought online on a selling website. It was presented as a category 2, usually tolerated in Europe in spite of the fact that it can cause lesions in less than 0.25s of exposition.

Identification by iris recognition

change-color-eyeOne thing is for sure, our eye is unique, and the chances of finding the exact same in our world are just null. This particularity is interesting for companies that specialize in biometrics. We often see our science-fiction hero identified by his eyes. However, unlike what you might think, eye color doesn’t take any part in the identification.

Myopia: when should i get the procedure?


Which treatments ?

No matter the severity of the myopia, the deficiency of the eye can easily be counterbalanced by the use of glasses that suit your vision. Contact lenses can also be a good option. Although they are more discreet, they are more demanding in terms of maintenance because they need to be cleaned regularly in order to avoid irritation of the eye. Long duration contact lenses in particular need to be cleaned and decontaminated every day.

A robot performing ophthalmic surgeries ?

Robotic surgery in ophthalmology tunisia

Robotics allow an expansion in the field of ophthalmic surgery by diminishing complication rates.