A robot performing ophthalmic surgeries ?

Robotic surgery in ophthalmology tunisia

Robotics allow an expansion in the field of ophthalmic surgery by diminishing complication rates.

Sutures of conjunctival and corneal wounds, amniotic membrane transplants, trabeculectomy and keratoplasty were all performed with success on animals using the Da Vinci Si HD robot. Theses satisfactory results allow a prospective study with humans. To this day, no robotized ophthalmic surgeries exist.

The duration of the procedure, the precision and safety of movements, the comfort and the possible complications will be evaluated during amniotic membrane tranplants, pterygium surgeries and kertoplasty with identical procedure duration with conventional methods.

This can only make us wonder what the future holds for the application of robotic devices in the field of ophthalmic surgery.


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