Does your eye color reflect your personality ?

Discover what researchers concluded about the color of a person’s eyes.

Iridology is the study of the iris. Researchers in the field might have discovered a link between the eye color and temper. According to them, there is multiple factors that can influence our health and our personality could be one of them, those factors could be revealed by the color of our iris.

Bright colored iris could be a sign of discretion and shyness whereas dark colored eyes reveals a strong and active personality. Even if there’s a lot of colors of the iris, the scientists think the different categories of colors can be associated with certain behaviors.

Dark eyes

Dark eyes are associated with confidence and determination. These person have a tendency to want the spotlights in order to impress everyone around. Even if their personality is more pronounced, there are loyal and worthy of trust.

Brown eyes

People with brown eyes are perceived as optimist and joyful. Like people with dark eyes, they are confident and they take good care of their friends, in fact they prioritize their friend’s happiness over their own.

Blue eyes

Plus eyes are considered the most attractive. It is in indeed the most purchased color in the colored contact lenses market. Blue eyes are associated with energy and vitality. Like people with green eyes, those with blue eyes tend to be very romantic in their relationship even if they are cool tempered.

Watch the video of the colored iris implant procedure here:


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