Careful when wearing colored contact lenses

colored-contact-lensesColored contact lenses and fantasy lenses are well-known product that seduces people for an occasional use. But did you know those lenses require the same level of maintenance than corrective contact lenses ?

They are made of flexible and comfortable material that can make you forget that you are wearing them, but this is a foreign object lying on your cornea. The cornea is a living and fragile organ that needs to “breathe” and to be nourished. That is why you shouldn’t smother it with lenses bought without advice or expertise. If contact lenses are not adapted to your eyes, they can irritate your cornea and even stick to your eyes if you wear them for a long period of time (when you sleep for example).

Every type of contact lens requires a comprehensive eye exam and the advices of a professional concerning wearing contact lenses. Protect your eyes, take precautions when wearing colored contact lenses, especially during holydays like Halloween; everybody wants to stand out with frightening fantasy contact lenses.

Most importantly:

  • If you plan to touch your lenses, wash your hands beforehand.
  • Never borrow or lend contact lenses (unfortunately, people do this very often).

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