Is ophthalmic migraine caused by a vision defect ?

ophtalmic-migraine-tunisiaEven if a vision defect such as hyperopia can sometimes cause headaches, those have nothing to do with migraines’ pain.

Ophthalmic migraine

Migraines can sometimes be the cause of visual manifestations such as luminous dots or dark spots. This is called ophthalmic migraine.

The vision troubles induced are more or less important, the can have different forms. Luminous dots, or dark spots is the visual field. Partial vision loss can sometimes occur 5 to 30 minutes before the ophthalmic migraine.

What causes ophthalmic migraine?

A lot of studies try to understand the cause of this type of migraine. Lots of factors can trigger this intense pain such as lack or excess of sleep, strong emotions, stress, heat, dehydration, alcohol, hunger, intense luminosity, periods, etc.

A genetic factor is also highly probable since different members of the same family are often affected. Ophthalmic migraines are not linked to a vision defect. In case of migraine, visit your doctor to determine what causes your migraine and possibly redirect you to a specialist such as a neurologist.


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