IRIS IMPLANT : CHANGE THE COLOUR OF YOUR EYES ! is the exclusive partner,  in Tunisia, of the American and world leader  in the design of coloured artificial iris implants:  BrightOcular.

We propose  an intra-ocular implant  patented in the United States  made up of an annular, fine,  coloured, biocompatible and flexible artificial iris, developed to  modify the appearance of the iris for aesthetic and medical reasons.  We collaborate with  experts in the field of ophthalmology for all the surgical operations.


By choosing Tunisia you are sure of having an implant  which is patented and  top quality care provided by  recognized and competent surgeons.

Specialized and with ten years of experience in eye surgery, they have a perfect mastery of  the coloured iris implant technique.   We provide you with the know-how and professionalism of our surgeons  so as to cater for all your needs and requirements. 


This operation changes the colour of your eyes permanently, without risks and without any pain !

Look at   Dilan‘s testimony ! The iris implant is done with a topical anaesthetic and last only 15 minutes for each eye.


As the implant is flexible, it can be folded and inserted into the eye through a surgical incision of the peripheral cornea of approx.   2,8 mm  long.

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For more information on  this aesthetic operation, the  care/treatment, the surgeon, the clinic or the hotel,  please do contact our medical adviser who will be happy to provide you with any information you may need.

change the colour of your eyes into blue: dilan’s testimony

Dilan comes from France, she’s a student and she contacted our agency Implant Iris in order to get an eye color change procedure with blue iris implants, wich is the eye color she always loved. After different exams with our doctor to make sure she could get the procedure done safely, she underwent the surgery. Watch the video to discover her new beautiful eyes!