Warning : be careful with your eyes !

implantWe sadly learned that some persons had been operated in Tunisia to change the colour of their eyes by contacting some organisations which pretend to be the distributors of the Bright Ocular implants in Tunisia and that they work with doctor  Menif.
This is a scam which could cost you very dear! In fact their operation went wrong because the implant was not the BrightOcular iris implant and the surgeon in question never operated on them !


You should know that  Faiza Amouri,an aesthetic surgery advisor for over 10 years, is today the sole distributor of the BrightOcular coloured iris implants in Tunisia. She runs a medical tourism agency and organizes ophthalmological trips through her website implant-iris.com. Any other site which affirms that it represents Bright Ocular is a swindle!
We thus ask you to be vigilant and not to accept to be operated by the latter even if the prices seem to be more affordable, as you would not benefit from a BrightOcular implant or from the skills of doctor Montassar  Menif who works exclusively with Faiza Amouri  for this type of operation !


We would like to emphasize  that  Faiza Amouri is the sole interlocutor and the only person authorized to steer you to one stage or another.  Any person who impersonates her can have serious consequences for your health.
We are not responsible for any information which circulates outside our  Iris Implant website.  Have you any doubts?  Have you been contacted by a person who pretends to be  Faiza Amouri ?  Be careful of charlatans !  Contact  her on her mobile No. : (+216) 54 02 54 02
Tél. : (+216) 70 69 40 55
Fax : (+216) 70 69 40 55
Skype : surgerybeauty1
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