Night vision

Cause of bad night vision- TREAT TUNISIA

Before you can see something in the dark, it is preferable to let the eyes accommodate for half an hour without looking to light sources. It is also preferable to use peripheral vision and concentrate on contours, movements and any abnormal forms. Ideally, objects must be seen starting from the bottom to get a better view of their contours and use a scanning technique. Motorists are concerned by night vision. If most of the accidents occur during night time, it’s partly because of bad visibility, traffic is of course not the issue at night. Lighting of the road is spaced to avoid blinding the driver. Infra-red detection systems are being installed to improve night vision.

Cause of bad night vision

A bad night vision can be caused by a myopia or a presbyopia; a myopia being the incapacity to distinguish distant objects. The natural lens and cornea are dilated. Light doesn’t converge directly on the retina, which causes bad vision. Myopia can affect children from the age of 4. The signs of myopia are clear. The person affected will ready very close to a book and will frown the eyebrows to see clearly. This person will also get close to the TV to watch shows. The origin of this condition can be vascular or pathological, it can be treated. Presbyopia is a vision anomaly that disables close range vision. It changes into a myopia after the age of 40. A lot of lenses are prescribed for presbyopia including bifocals, progressive contact lenses with a lens for distant and close vision.

Implant Iris can provide you with laser surgery of the eye to treat myopia, presbyopia and astigmatism.


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