Lasik : the pros


The Lasik procedure allows :

  • A finer cutting of the cornea

The femtosecond laser can cut a 100 to 120 microns thick lamella, the mechanical microkeratome can only cut a 160 microns thick lamella. The thickness of the cornea remaining under the flap being more important, the excimer laser has more cornea thickness to work with to treat the visual defect which has the advantage of enlarging the indications and increase the diameter of the treatment site in order to reduce unwanted aftereffect during nighttime.

  • A regular and precise cutting of the corneal flap

The precision in the regularity of the corneal flap obtained reduces the risk of aftereffects linked to Lasik, like a slight astigmatism or optical aberrations (causing glares or nocturnal halos).

  • A better preservation of the corneal epithelium

This avoids a delayed recovering of vision sometimes happening after a Lasik procedure.

  • A better preservation of the innervation of the cornea

A 100% Laser Lasik in Tunisia sometimes cause a slight dryness of the eyes. This dryness resolves by itself and with the use of artificial tears during a few weeks

  • A reduced risk of infection

Even if these risks are rare with a standard Lasik procedure (and avoided by local antibiotic eye drops during the procedure), the femtosecond laser offers a safer procedure overall.


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